DMRGateway in test at XLX950

Hello to all.

In test, at ED3ZAG, MMDVM Multi-mode digital repeater the new system of G4KLX called DMRGateway.

This new system provides a simultaneus use up to four networks (two XLX and two DMR) in a single MMDVMHost system.

The operation is based on individually assigning the available tg’s of the DMR system, forwarding them to where we set them.

At this moment is available in test at 438.2375 -7.6MHz a link to new reflector system XLX950. This acts as a DMR reflector.

To use configure a new channel with this frequency and:

  • Slot 1
  • Color 1
  • TX TG 6
  • RX TG 6

The operation of the new XLX950 is similar to the old XLX systems. This reflector have modules to connect from letter A to Z (26 letters)

For connect from a RF with a radio DMR, send a personal call to the number 64001, for connect to the module A (first letter). A locution responds “connected to 4001“.

If you wants to change of XLX module, first send a personal call to 64000. A locution responds “Disconnected”.

Then send a oher personal call from 64001 to 64026 (A to Z modules).

Also, the repeater continues to operate as usual in the rest of TG’s and is still connected to the Brandmeister network in slots 1 and 2. The BM reflectors, works on slot 2, as now.

I continue to try.