Torna a C4FM System Fusion

YSFReflector Server List


This list is for reference only.

The file YSFHosts.txt ONLY includes <address/name> <port>

No Name, Description or QTH is needed.

If you want to have the file YSFHosts.txt with this list click HERE
Host / IP Port Name Description QTH Reflec. 42000 Parrot Parrot local YSF000 42000 YSF001 C4FM Reflector AUS YSF001 42000 YSF002-WIRESCAT
C4FM Catalunya CAT YSF002 42000 FUSIONBE2
FusionBelgium BEL YSF003 42000 YSF004-EDT C4FM Reflector
ESP YSF004 42000 ve2mrcfusion
Fusion Quebec
CAN YSF005 42000 YSF006 Norway
NOR YSF006 42000 BM-SPAIN BM 2141 ESP YSF007 42000 DVSwitch-YSF-USA DVSwitch test USA YSF008 42000 —FUSION-PRT— Fusion-Portuga PRT YSF009 42000 FUSION-ITALY Italy YSFR ITA YSF010 42000 Michigan-MI5 Michigan MI5
USA YSF011 42000 GermanyYSF YSF012 Germany GER YSF012 42000 YSF-France Fusion-France FR YSF014 42000 UK_YFS_BM UK_Reflector UK YSF015 42000 YSF016-SR8UWD WLODAWA PL YSF016 42000 –FUSION-SPAIN– fusion-spain VEN YSF017 42000 FON-Gateway Allmode-GW FR YSF018 42000 —————- LNDCisar_Italy ITA YSF019 42000 C4FM_CADIZ SCSF-ED7ZAJ ESP YSF020 42000 YSF027 Zone_1_Italy ITA YSF027 42000 YSF906 C4FM-EA7RKV ESP YSF906

Updated date 06/26/2016 18:48 UTC

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